🥳🇧🇻 Norways National Day 🇧🇻🥳

In Stavanger. I had hoped for a better start of today but hey can’t forse this body. I am haPpy for what I managed. Her are some pictures from my 17th of May;

2022 and no restriction 😍😍 finally for a whole nation.

I had two good hours, from the time leaving my house, in the city and back home on the bus. I got the feeling of 17th of May I needed, which is big in Norway.

Just waiting on the bus and enjoyìng a bench.

On the bus a girl came sat nxt to me. We didn’t know each other at all. Such a cool girl! In her folkdress – bunad. Maybe 9 y.o. Chatting away about what she gonna do later not sky at all 😊 her Mother was a bit forward in the bus. It made my day even more special 😊.

🇧🇻🥳🍾 Happy birthday Norway 🍾🥳🇧🇻

Execise that’s finally works for me. 🤩🤩.

I have been going to the gym off and on as many others. Some years has been better than others.

This las year have I been an inactive member of a gym, was hoping this last August it would be easier to go to the gym after work twice a week. It didn’t 😔.

After months not being able to do much I found this app 🤩.

And it works 🤩🤩🤩

Easy workout exercises. And only 7 minutes 🤩🤩🤩 each time.

I choosed abs beginner & body workout as my two first. Have added with the other two after two day’s, feeling my body needed more.

I have now started to get in to the routines and can feel on my sad back, that if I jump those exercises the back actually get worse. And for that is a success!

So now, it’s a joy to do my exercise again and I know my body gets stronger each day 😊😊.


Wierd atmosphere, speed-interveiw & Gods protection.

I got an interveiw yesterday the 9th in the suburb Ålgård about 30 minutes east of Stavanger. I came 45 minutes early (becauce I hate to be late) sat down outside the School and talked out loud with the Lord what I was thinking there and then.

One thing I knew directly when I sat down, but also on the bus on the way there, was that I don’t want to work in an area where I only see mountains. Which this area /county has a lot of.

Small town Ålgård, Gjesdal county.

As I was talking to the Lord I got a bad feeling inside of me. Like an emptiness. Like a spiritul thing is the closest I can describe it.

Time flew fast and sudden it was time to go inside to the speed-interveiw.

I met one of five of the people that would interveiw me few minutes later, in the hall where the emptyness and wierd feeling appeared again.

And during the interveiw, it felt like a hole of something not good would happend. Super wierd for me. I can’t describe it on any other way.

I answered the questions they had, and told them about who I am and my background. And in one way it felt like I was talking to wall on the other hand I was there with them…. 🤪🤔😬

And the last minutes of this speed-interveiw I got this really not good feeling, like I just wanted to run outside and not be there anymore. Like something bad would happend.

I got out with goose bumps and felt light dizzy in my head.

Catched the bus to Sandnes county where I needed to switch to the train to Stavanger, before catching “my” bus home. And there, in Sandnes, did I start to “feel normal” an hour later… Still talking to the Lord. Asking him to guide my life and let me feel better.

Back home, still talking to the Lord, I got a sentence in my head “it will come something else” and a peace inside took place to not take this job. Yet so so tired in my head, like I had been in a mall or worse with hundreds of people in many hours. But I guess that’s how it feels like when it is something going on in the spritual world.

Any other interveiw I have had before, I feel nervous directly after & until I recive any kind of answer. This was the very opposite! Like the Lord was protecting me. That’s the only way I see it.

Thank you Lord for the talk yesterday & your guidans & protection & the peace! I trust you heavenly Father.

PS. This is as scarry as when I knew I had to trust the Lord for a job & place last year this time.DS.

What a wierd weekend 🤪

It has been so far! It all started with a panic atack after work on Friday (May 6th) trying to get into my online banking 🤪🤪😬🤐😢 which didn’t work.

Than trying to not think about it and asking the Lord for help to not think do much about it to freaking out in small dozes… And trying to prepare myself for an interveiw I’ve got on May 9th… what a bad combination of a weekend!

Went for one walk to checking an ATM if I could buy food, then to the grocery store, basically to fill up my fridge & freezer at home. The other walk was with Silver to actually cleanse my head, but the Northen wind was to chilly to help me 🤪🤪

Yet I am Thankful for life and challenges, maybe not this big so I freak out…

To this morning asking friends of help to pray🙏 for me and my panic. To maybe have found a solution “talking” to a girl friend over messanger. Giving me peace about the whole thing. 🙂

The burdens of the past are going to fall away as all things are being renewed.

So now is the time for dinner, cause I am hungry! And literally need food. But, I will also listen to preaching online for my head & soul.

To read my Daily Verse ” The burdens of the past are going to fall away as all things are being renewed.” God has humor!

Spring time, April – May 22


I start with this collage of pictures from yesterday May 1st 22. From my walk 8.15 pm, for 45 minutes 😊. A walk I needed more than normal, becauce I had a big need of air. Fresh air.

Lots of things has happend since last post 🤪, so I will do my best to remember as much as possible.

House Church evening.

After a long not planned break with my House Church, did we finally have a House Church evening 😊. Those pictures are from the Island #bjørnøy , the sunset and the daffodils 😊. (*not planned break becauce most of covid-19.)

The last piece of my Cheesecake, pre-birthday cake.
Stavanger in ☀️.

April 27th was a sunny day with some wind and not to warm.

Beautiful flower.

The day’s between April 13th and April 23rd,did we have a temperature between +13°C & +20°C. Something that doesn’t fit me… I did try my best to enjoy the 🌡 & ☀️.

Cat sitter, Easter Break , and more 22🤩

I have been & am still until tmrw “sitting” a cat from Thursday this Easter. It’s mainly letting the cat in or out of his home, make sure he has enough food and water.

Simba is his name.

Yesterday, Easter Saturday, I came to let him in and this was the first time he showed me how playful he was. We cuddle and played. 💙🐈💙.

I spend 20 minutes with him instead of 10, like the day before. 💙.

It has for sure been an interesting Easter in many ways! Not just becauce of Simba. No, I have been walking more and you would say walking is good for a sad back, not mine 🤐. My back got worse from the walking 😔🤨, yet I have explored more of the island I live on 🙂. And got massive time with the Lord on my walks.

It’s been an Easter Break where I have started a new sewing project but not have had the back I needed to finish it 😔 Yet I have had good day’s listening to preaching and the bible app 🙂. We have had mostly good Weather 🙂.

And I have to say that, even if the Easter isn’t over yet I have been enjoying this Easter! It has been a blessing so far. Just do whetever I managed to do and not stress 🙂🙂. I have been able to do my back exercise almost every day 🙂🤩🙂. And today has all been about relaxing & some regular cleaning of my home.

April 14th, Easter Break, Easter Thursday-22

What did I do? Let me think… I woke up late, around 10 am, did some exercise for my back and yes arms😊💪, had coffee & breakfast as my start of any day.

Sat in the couch (cause sad back). Wanted to sew so I did.

Carry my sewing machine from where it stand when I don’t use it to the couch table. Got all things I needed for sewing. Started by fixing the pockets in one of my 3 newest par of Jeans. Love the Jeans but isn’t a fan of tiny pockets 😡. Why have pockets at all if you can’t use them? Front pocket!

Continuing with a blouse, “red with white dots”, tryed to upcycling it. Can’t say I am totally pleased yet…

Last I picked up my pitchwork from small fabric pices that I have been sewing together to a pitchwork and my goal is to use it on th inside of my home made smaller backpacker for work. Which also was my goal to finish this Easter… That will not happend cause of my sad back 😔😔.

In the evening I went out cause I am a ” cat sitter ” meaning letting a cat in or out and make sur the cat have enough food and water.

But b4 I could do that I needed to get there, finding the house (I had been there two day’s b4 during day light) in evening light. Started by running to the bus (which only comes every 30 minutes during Holidays), catched it, got off to soon 🤪🤪🤪, walked for 7 minutes, found the house and cat. Let the 🐈 in fed it, gave it new water and I headed out.


And realizing that nxt bus would “show up” 20 min later… So instead of waiting in the chilly wind I walked back home. A 30 min walk and approxy 2,5 km. A nice walk! Picture above shows it all and the lovely sunset!

April 13th, Easter Break -22

As I probably told once before, the grocery store close when all Holy Church Day’s comes. Which would happend also this Easter Thursday. Which ment I had to go to the grocery store on Wednesday.

In the store, I wanted something but not sweets. Oh no, my brain wanted water and grapes. (Picture).

More than going to the grocery store I was a bit creative 😊 but mostly relaxing cause sad back… But ended up having a good Easter Thursday!

April 12th-22, Easter Break.

April 12th I had good 4 hours down town 😊. I had an apointment to check my eyes, and than I ended up walking around, got a Caffe latte and talking to my Seattle friend who live in Oslo 😊. Shopping only things I needed 😊. And enjoying life.

The fact my foot wasn’t painful while walking was really nice. 😊

Sunday April 10th-22, Easter Break.

While listening to preaching on both Spotify and YouTube I was creative and thinking through my newest sewing project: a smaller backpacker for work.

I wrote about this in an other post, which I haven’t post yet. But I got an idea at work this last Friday, April 8th, on a cool redesign/upcycling backpacker. Which I yesterday found all type of fabric for. Hoping I can start on it today or tmrw. 🙂

This is just one part 😉.
This will probably be the main colour.
Together with orange I think.

Hope you all had a great SUNDAY!

The Lord is using my creativity in so many ways, it’s just fun to be a part of whatever He is doing. 🙃🙂.

Would you let Him do that with you?

April 7th, 22, ❄🌨🌧☁️☀️…😂

My week before Easter Break is here and this is some of the things I’ve done so far. I am sew embroidery on my favorite sweater on top of stains I’ve tryed to get rid of for many tears without luck. So some upcycling and updating was needed here. Becauce I love this sweater.

I bought me my first ice cream for this year becauce of ☀️ after a morning of ❄🤪.

I sprained🤬🤬🤬 my ankel at work and walk on it with so much pain 😔😔😔. Had a good night with no pain 🙂 but after I woke up and had to walk on it the pain came back 🤬🤬🤬 so I’ve used crutches today and will do it tmrw too. Resting in the couch now. Walking as little as possible today.

….If it is slow internet or a bug here at wp today I don’t know, but slow is it….

My Easter break starts this Saturday, April 9th. And my plan is still to catch some busses and train and explore more of Rogaland county. See places I wanted to explore last time but never took the time to do.

I’m broke until Tuesday, which means I have to wait to buy something for Easter decoration & flowers outdoors next week. Which probably is smart with my sprained ankel.

It’s all about which path you choose…

…for me I never know where the Lord wants me

I have also started my job-hunt onece again…

I am looking & applying for a new job, wish to work “in the next level” from high school. The Scandinavian School system; it’s called High school when we translet it, it’s the age of 16-19 y.o. students.

What you call it I don’t know I guess it depence on where in the world you live it has different names names.

A secret project.

I started on a project in November 2021, which I won’t let you know more than this. So why am I writing about it you might ask yourself.

Well the reason is that, it’s not a sewing project, it’s something totally different, take more energy and time after work.

And can be the reason to why I won’t post here as often as I have done until now.

And it might make my head more tired than normal but when the project is totally finished I will let you know both in txt and pictures.

An other thing is that I will start to go to the gym again, hopefully this weekend. 🙂. Even thought I have been doing some exersices at home for the last two months, but missing some of the things I have access to in the gym. And now when my back is okay I’ll go.

I have had a okay rythm to listen to the bible app on the weeldays, slide out of it during the weekend 😔. And after the Winter break I slide a bit to much 😔😔 but I dp what I managed.

On my way home today (Tuesday) I needed music to stay awake on the bus ride 🤪🤪 so I choosed 🎧🎶 Kirk Franklin 🎶🎧.

Sail the ship with me.

While I joined the praymeeting before this evening service, I said to the Lord “I’m here , use me if you want”. And not many minutes after those words I got a picture.

Description of the first part: old ship (the type from 15 or 16 century (and this type of ship we can see in the movies Pirates of Carabbean)).

The picture: an old ship that sails into the sunset and through the night into the sunrise.

The words to the picture: I am the land you are looking for. Step up and into the ship and We will sail together. I will guide your life when you get onboard.

God bless! 🙏 ❤ ✝️

Like a feather ball, you can fly in the sky.

Let me lift you. Let me take your burden. Give me your life just as it is right now. Don’t change anything. I want you.

Let me see you. Let me in to your heart. Let me see you sad or broken. I want your heart. I want you to be 100% honnest to me and give me everything, so I can help you.

I want you to feel light as a feather.

Let me be a part of your life. Let me lift up your feet from the ground. Let me take care of you. Trust me, that I can make you be light without any weight. Without any burden.

I want you to fly like a feather, high in the sky, above the clouds.

Give me your heart.

Give me your hand.

Let us walk together.

These are the words I recived while I was praying & knitting at the pray & worship Thursday evening, March 17.

What to do on a Sunday…

…when the back is sad. Well I have been fried meatballs and chops in the oven while I have spooled bobbin thread for all future sewing projects.

And now when the food is done I’m going to pop up the elastic band in a skirt that has worn too little 😆😆 or I’ve gained weight since I bought it 😆😆. And then I will reuse it in a wool coat after ❤Mom❤.

I do want to go to Church but my back is not in a good shape 😔😔 so I’ll stay home and being creative.

While I’m doing this I’ll be listening to preaching whether it’s on youtube or podcast it remains to be seen 😉. Anyway is it a big chance the Lord gives me something I need.

I have learned the last ten years, that I need to listen to my body first no matter what my head wants and I have peace for that I stay home some Sundays. Even if I both like and enjoy go to Church and trying to find new friends I just have to take it as it comes. 😉. And the Lord will still be with me wherever I am, home or at Church.

I am thankful for this weekend, I’ve managed much more than I thought I would. 😊.

Enjoy your Sunday wherever you are and let the Lord be a part of what you are doing. ✝️💒🙌🙏.